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about us

Globe Competitions believe that through our company people all over the globe would be able to find a platform to explore and export their uniqueness through creative innovations. Globe Competitions is fast becoming a magnet for people with creativities whose unique talents would have been buried without this project. It is a reality that so many people don’t have the opportunity to showcase their uniqueness and this platform is where they can sell their stories.

We also hope to empower people and every organization on this planet to expose their talents and achieve more. As such, we offer this outstanding platform to the world for everyone to showcase their gifts- fresh, raw or new alike through competitions. In this platform the world will have the opportunity to see individuals or groups performing through video streaming.

The show will be challenging but will also provide consistent quality entertainment. We will continue to ensure the company has set the standards for professionalism. We will be expecting participants to submit their videos through varieties of the genre they’d chosen to compete. It will be a robust competition; therefore, we urge participants to submit the best videos.

We are highly transparent as the judges are the public whose verdicts will determine the winner of any genre. At the end of every series, the competitor(s) with the highest votes or comments wins the outstanding price money.

Globe entertainment is an ultra- modern company located in the heart of the United Kingdom. Our top team of directors, bloggers and engineers will be there 24/ 7 to facilitate the process and respond to your needs. What’s more!! Viewing and voting is free, and you will be baffled by the level of competitions and entertainment

Our 6-Step Process

Create Account

Create a free account, to manage your profile and video.

Add profile

Add a profile picture and description which best showcases your talent.

Make payment

Payment of £25 is required. Payment can be made online.

Upload Video

Upload your video once you are happy with your recording


Once you are happy with your profile and video you can publish it.

Admin Approval

As Soon as your content has been received by our team, it will be checked to ensure it meets our strict guidelines.